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Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dog Services (HKSEDS) was established by Mr. Raymond Cheung as the Chairman and operate by fellow enthusiastic volunteers. Our volunteer team comprises “The Executive Committee”, “The Consultant Team” and “Fundraising Team” with different community members who devote their professions in supporting HKSEDS.

Chairman’s Message

20160510_183227_mh1462879865539To develop and promote Seeing Eye Dog Service is my greatest wish. Since 1990, I have been to New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan and Taiwan. I learnt how to train Seeing Eye Dogs, took part in volunteer jobs and communicated with different Seeing Eye Dog / Guide Dog schools all over the world. In 2012, Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dog Services (HKSEDS) has been established and I became the Chairman as a volunteer. We understand that Hong Kong public are not familiar with the services of Seeing Eye Dogs, therefore, we put our focus on public education, we’ve been to difference schools, public and private institutes and also organizations of visually impaired people to share with them HKSEDS services. We hope that Hong Kong public can get to know more and accept Seeing Eye Dogs in our community. Seeing Eye Dogs not only able to support visually impaired people to be more independent and walk with confidence, they also become a soul mate of visually impaired people. I will strive my best to train more talents in training Seeing Eye Dogs and carry out local breeding program. I hope that the services of Seeing Eye Dog can continue to be developed in Hong Kong and more visually people can be benefited.

  • Mr. Raymond Cheung (Chairman)
  • Mr. Walter Tsui (Vice Chairman)
  • Ms. Tang Yau Sheung, Jasmine (Vice Chairman)
  • Ms. Mabel Cheung (Honorary Secretary)
  • Ms. Suki Ho (Honorary Treasurer)
  • Mr. Frank Loo
  • Mr. Dennis Lo
  • Mr. Keith Ng
  • Mr. Ivan Au Yeung

(names listed in no particular order)

  • Dr. Ko Wing Man, GBS, JP (Chief Honorary Patron)
  • Ms. Scarlett Pong Oi-lan, BBS, JP (Honorary Patron)
  • Mr. William Chen
  • Taiwan Guide Dog Association
  • Kansai Guide Dog for the Blind Association
  • MWY Secretaries Limited
  • Alan Chan & Company Certified Public Accountants
  • Dr. Ian Urquart
  • Mr. Herman C. S. HUI SBS, MH, JP
  • Mr. Victor Yuen Y.C.,Barrister
  • Dr. Hunter Yuen Kwok Lai (Ophthalmology)
  • Dr. Gavin Liu (Veterinarians)
  • Dr. Derek Chow (Ophthalmology for Seeing Eye Dogs)
  • Mr. Mario P.S. Chin, Ph.D. (Biotechnology Consultant)
  • Mr. Stanley Ng (Foreign Consultant)
  • Ms. Jennifer Wong, Ming Wai (Psychological counselor)
  • Myolie Wu (Caring Ambassador)

(names listed in no particular order)

  • Public Relations & Education Committee
  • Public Relations & Education Committee
  • International Relations Committee
  • Training & Breeding Committee
  • Volunteers Recruitment & Training Committee
  • Finance & Administration Committee
  • Sponsor & Fundraising Committee

(names listed in no particular order)